Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Power Of Words

A dear friend, Neal Novak, put this link on Facebook. It blew me away. It confirmed me as a writer. Please take a moment, if you are the least bit creative, and watch this video. Then - read on. I pray it uplifts you as it did me. (You'll have to cut and paste it.)

The video said to me, 'You are gifted with sight. Your creative force is bestowed upon you. To be used. Don't get caught in the mundane when the words you have been given can change the world. Or one person's world.'

The video made me glad and humbled to be a writer. I know I now see things differently. As if I have rose-colored glasses at times and, at other times, magnifying glasses. 

Oh sisters - be glad, very glad, that you have been blessed with this benefaction. It can cause pain and angst and world-weariness, but if portioned out to the world, it can be such a blessing. And you, because you are the benefactress and the donor of this gift, you will thrive and grow. And you can become the fairy godmother. Wouldn't that be fun? Wouldn't that be precious? Wouldn't that bring you to tears?

Come along with me and be a fairy godmother. Give the gift you were given, write it out, and sprinkle it upon your world. It will be a better world for it. And you will be a happier person for it.

Life is short. Gifts can be taken back. Use yours. I'm trying to use mine.

You are precious to me. You who read these words. Know I struggle and continue because you are here and listening and supporting me. I am grateful.

Life is Abundant. 

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