Monday, March 3, 2014

Ranting With The Stars

Watching the thank-you's from the Oscar winners proved quite an education. I've seen them before, but this year's thanks seemed so much pithier, more sincere, more heartfelt. They thanked everyone.

I've been focused on support the last few blogs. I write alone, sitting at a corner desk in my bedroom, facing a wall. The cold air (tonight it's going to be -1 F) seeps through the window right next to me and turns my fingers a nice shade of blue. (of course, I really like 'Blue' - *g*)

I think most writers write alone but I'm discovering a fair number of writers are congregating for support. Reminds me of a beehive. Not that there's one queen in the middle, but the close proximity of every member of the community. 

I found this particularly delightful blog today and I want to share it with you. The author is now published. Her first book, 'Gilded', released. She held a virtual launch and the site and the things I learned were amazing. 

Her friends and family rallied around her. The launch lasted all day and one after another of her supporters stepped forward and offered a bit of themselves and sometimes a giveaway. It was mind-boggling.

On the site is a video - filled with encouragement. Watch it if you get the chance. It's uplifting.

For now, I'm readying myself for the Skyline meeting on Saturday. I'm hoping to show the video and challenge my fellow writers to supporting each other, not just by attending the meetings, but by spending time reading the submissions, saying hooray if the MS deserves it, and helping to make each other's stories just awesome. 

My writing buddy and I are growing in support of each other. I plan to be a wee bit more assertive and urge my friends to allow me to ask for their help and support.

Life is support.

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