Friday, January 3, 2014


Good grief. I can't get away from them. I've got TWO going on in 'The Other Side' and one going on in this crazy place I call home. 

Three foot snow drifts in front of my front door. My poor little doggie, Pippin, got lost in the snow. He went under to try to do his business and I lost sight of him. Thankfully, he was leashed and I pulled and Voila! out of the snow he came. Now my dearest Pip is mostly pepper black but his muzzle, his little feet, and his back were all white. I spent much of the day giggling.

Well, much of the day once I returned home. I had a follow-up doc's visit today that taxed my very endurance. The wind chills here are around 3F. Tonight it's supposed to get down to -10F. Not a fun time. As I turned the corner to get to the doctor's office, the wind took me and my breath. Thankfully, my daughter had my arm and we made it into the office, but the pneumonia drains all strength and breath from me. It took many minutes of gasping to get enough air to finally sit down. Insane! The visit went well and solidified my confidence in my new doctor. Most of the blood work was back and we will meet again next week, once the antibiotics kick in, to discuss my treatment plan. I'm still on the nebulizer and meds along with the antibiotic. I can't understand why it takes three visits to get an antibiotic. Such is life. Better to have a cautious doc than one that dispenses will he nil he (old English fro willly nilly).

I'm still working on the storms with 'Other.' Both storms hit at the same time, but one is a sandstorm and one is a tornado-like storm. Researched both and kept copious notes. Now it's time to pull everything together and see if it works. What am I saying? I know it will work. I'm excited about these storms. They have a pivotal place in the story. Fun.

As soon as these storms are over, and the temps climb out of the cellar, and my health improves, I'm going to the library. I've decided it's time to spend some quality time reading more on my craft. There are lots of magazines out there, expensive ones, but I can get the same free from the library. Along with the little herb stuff that I talked about yesterday.

Saturday is Writer's Ink. I do so hope I have the strength (and the weather cooperates) to go. I am signed up for a writer's workshop Saturday morning, but there's no way I'll have the stamina to do that one. I hope they'll let me do the rest of the series.

Life is storms.


  1. I'm really glad to hear you have a nebulizer. I can't do without them. I have one in my purse, my coat pocket and my backpack -- especially in this weather. Cold and humidity are my asthma triggers!

    Praying for healing and a return of your strength!

  2. My nebulizer is a rather large machine. *giggle* I can't see putting it in my pocket. But I'm really glad I have one. I've had bronchitis and such things before and I know, if I'm stricken again, that this will help. I've got a truckload of the albuterol, too.

  3. Hah! I always think "inhaler" when I hear the word "nebulizer." Oops! It's my albuterol inhalers that I keep in my pocket. However, I'm familiar with nebulizers as well. Thankfully, I've coped without needing one, but my dad has one for when he gets bronchitis.