Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'm Back

I think I'm healthy and I'm chafing at the bit. I'll write a longer post tomorrow, I promise you AND myself, but for now, I've finished Chapter 12 and a good bit of Chapter 13 of 'The Other Side." I'd hoped to get out today and visit the library, but thankfully, Google answered a lot of research questions.

One thing I want to tell you - I got Chromecast for Christmas and I am in heaven. I can watch anything on my TV that's on YouTube. I've found some neat exercise classes and nutrition posts that I know will help with my rehab.

I've got things to do. I can't sit here forever. I am starting to see a light at the end of this hideous 'illness' tunnel. Hooray.

I hope you're writing is coming along. I hope the holidays didn't put a crimp in your schedule so that you've got to uncrimp it and get going. I'm uncrimping lots but have high hopes.

Oh my - I love that old song 'High Hopes.' Here it is for your enjoyment. And I can watch it on my flatscreen, too.

I do so love Frank Sinatra.

I'm also committing myself - not to a funny farm - to optimism and joy and fun.

Life is awesome!


  1. Good news! So glad to see you back and feeling hopeful again!

    I was smitten with a form of the flu going around here at the Center, but I'm on the mend. Taking today off to just rest and do relaxing things -- including some writing!

  2. It was great IM'ing with you today. Hope the soup helped.