Monday, September 14, 2015


Honest to goodness, something is wrong with my body. 

I have to use a cane!!!

Now really. I look in the bathroom mirror (which only shows my face and neck) and I don't look old at all. Of course, something is wrong with the mirror because I look a tad older than the 30ish my mind says I am. In fact, there are days when I feel like 16ish. 

But something is wrong with my body. It isn't functioning right. It hurts in more than one place. It creaks and cracks and scares the bejeebees out of me. Pippin looks at me, when I use the cane to get up from the couch, like I'm insane. He can jump off the couch easily. Doesn't even need the little foot stool I put next to it to help him. He sits on the floor, once he's landed, and stares at my struggles. I swear he wants to grab the cane from me and make me jump up, too.

Drat. I just don't understand. Why is my brain telling me I'm somewhere between 16 and 30 when my body tells me I am closer to 80. 

I have to use a cane!!!

Now, I remember when The Glorious One had to use a cane. She is much younger than I am, but she had some problems with her knees - brought about. in her words, by her athletic youth. She has an excuse.

My other friend, The Radiant One, had to have railings put on her steps going into her house. However, it was not for her, really, it was for her 'older' husband. She has an excuse.

My other friend, The Magnanimous One, still romps around as if she were 10, if her false teeth don't fall out in front of everyone or get lost, wrapped in the napkin at the restaurant when she takes them out to eat. There is some reason for her lack of teeth. She has an excuse, I'm sure 

As for Her Ladyship -- she is the youngest of us all. 'Nough said. I hate her. I'd never tell her that. She flaunts her salt and pepper hair as if no one else's hair is turning a different shade. She is proud of her gray hairs.

I, on the other hand, have sun damage. I'm sure that's why the color has changed. I have an excuse... too much time, as a youth, in the sun.

Ah -- I have an excuse. I'm sure I'll find one for the cane. 


  1. I seriously thought of using a cane when my knee was giving me lots of trouble. I even claimed one from my dad's things and have it handy where I can find it if I need it. But thankfully, the knee is finally turning the corner a bit and heading towards health (I hope!), so I have put thoughts of a cane on hold.

    You should fancy up that cane so it knows it's really just a decoration that you like having around! ;-)

  2. Yes. I could put LOTR stickers all over it and hang Gondor's horn. The problem with canes is the body doesn't really like them. Other parts start to hurt. I'm learning how to use it, and am grateful I have something to stop me if I start to tip to the side. A glorious sight. :)